Friday, July 22, 2011

"I Wanna Smell Good for Jesus"!

Today I'm linking up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner about my best marriage advice.  Here it is- Laugh Loudly! Whenever I write a bridal shower card I write the same thing "A laugh a day keeps divorce away"! Think about it, when your laughing can you really be mad or resentful, or any other non-fun-emotion? My husband and I have been together over 14 years and have experienced the lowest of the lows. When there is no laughter to cushion life's blows,marriages suffer more. After a recent promotion, my husband has been working very late hours this season. It has been a burden as I have been operating as a single mom for three months. During some reflection, I realized something huge-even though we have been seeing less of each other I feel closer to him than ever-weird huh? When you allow God to refine your marriage you mature. My grown-up-wife self knows this is just a season and my husband wants to be home with us, but he just can't right now. So instead of feeling resentful I just cherish the time that we do have.
      Back to laughing, my husband is a cheeky little bugga (some Brit term I picked up). He can get under my skin like no other, of course. He is also the nicest smelling man because he NEVER goes a day sans cologne. That's all fine and dandy except when we are late and he has to stop and spritz. I told him that even if the world was ending and we were about to be raptured he would still stop and spray, he said "I wanna smell good for Jesus"! He took my frustration at making my son late for school and made me laugh. Laughter is medicine. Bible. Every marriage is like a fingerprint with its own dynamics; one cant' compare theirs to anothers', but something that is of universal benefit to all marriages-a smile. On that note, always kiss goodbye and goodnight!!!


  1. I wrote about the same thing....keep having fun with each other!!! Couples forget to do this and it is not good for marriage. Keep it up!

  2. This is so true...:-)that is why the years since High School have passed by so quickly, you guys are an awesome example