Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lavender Blue, Yummy Yummy...

     Before I got married ten years ago; it was established that I would not be cooking. I was really bad at it and Patrick wasn't. Simple. When Tia was 18 months we got cable T.V. and I fell in love with the Food Network. Particularly, Everyday Italian with my culinary inspiration-Giada De Laurentiis (prounounced "Joda"). I would put Tia down for a nap, grab some lunch and go on a food vacation.

      I have always been a creative type who likes to experiment. Supplied with knowledge of food science, I was motivated to test the waters in my kitchen. At first samplers reluctantly tried my food, then suprisingly enjoyed it. I fell in love with food and all the possibilities. Food reminds me of books. With a finite number of ingredients (letters) you can create art. That ignites me!

   I usually love most movies that incorporate food, ie. Spanglish and It's Complicated. In the latter,  Meryl Streep's character is a cafe owner/chef who makes Lavender and Honey Gelato. I wanted some pronto! I looked and looked- some contenders; but no winners. Lavender can impart an herbaceous quality that can be off-putting. I found a solution!

     Instead of mixing in lavender to the creation, I scented it; creating the essence without that funny throat taste. First, I scooped about a cup of vanilla ice cream into a glass container. Next, I put about four drops of lavender oil into a tiny medicine cup and placed it right in the scooped vanilla. Lastly, I placed in the freezer for 24 hrs. The result is perfumed ice cream, mmmmmm! I didn't drizzle any honey on top because my ice cream is already nicely sweetened; but if I used say a less sweetened yogurt base I would. Lavender is still an acquired taste, you may love it like I do, or hate it like my husband did. Try it with other essences, if you prefer, ie. ginger or peppermint. It is a subtle way to add flavor!

  Have you ever "created" a recipe you LOVE?!

Friday, April 20, 2012

E.J. the Philosopher

Mr. EJ asked me yesterday as we were getting out the car ...

"Is God big?"

    "Yes, not 'big' like huge, he is a normal size; but he is 'big', like powerful".

"Mommy, does God have a remote control to change the weather?"
   "No, honey."

"Well, how does he change it?"

   "He just says it and it changes."

"He just says it!?"

(Very confused look on his face)

Later at dinner he asked Patrick if God has a Wii controller to change the weather... "um no".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Finally Happened!

      One day in the beginning of the school year last fall I was less than two minutes late picking up Tia from school. You should have seen the look on her face! I felt so bad. Her brother held me up at home; so since then I leave my home extra early so I am never late. In addition, she gets out of school an hour early on Tuesdays. Remarkably, I have never forgotten to get her. Until yesterday!
See what happened was.....:) Well we have had two weeks off recently and before that she was in an art class that kept her in school until regular time on Tuesdays, therefore I was out of the habit of getting her early on this day.
     I got a call from her friend's mom letting me know she was standing next to Tia.  I was mortified and rushed over. I hoped this would never happen. Thank God we have such great families at her school! Later, I debriefed Supermom and she told me Tia said, "My mom is never late"! (So Tia was genuinely worried) The good thing is when I was ironically two minutes late getting her today she didn't even care! Neurosis cured. Check.
     Here comes the cherry on top... Today I forgot to bring her snack and lunch! So I decided to spring her from school and take her out to grab a snack (that's the pix above). She was so curious what we were celebrating:). I just told her the truth. The sooner she knows I am (sometimes, not really, sorta, I don't really wanna fully say it) like my mother the better!