Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LegNO Land!


         Most people love going to theme parks. I'm not one of them! I think it all started when my jokster Uncle lied to me about the ride that I was buckled into and told me it was just " a ride that shows you around the park". Lies! I was horrified after my unexpected ride on a roller coaster and banned them for about a decade from my life. I eventually succumbed and realized they really bang you up. I have surmised that a day spent at Burke Williams Spa is a day better spent!

     Now, I try to be a "good" mom and traipse around these money-grubbing establishments for the sake of my kids. I have decided that I have paid my dues and that my husband can join another dad on any future theme park adventures.  Here are a couple reasons why I strongly dislike theme parks:

1. Being money gouged from every angle
2. The day spent mostly waiting
3. The short, mediocre ride after the mostly waiting
4. The myriad of unhealthy families I see
5. My aching calves from mostly waiting

    I know, I know the memories. Honestly, I think the memories I have from doing simple things like  having a family dinner where after we put on costumes and masks made out of a random cardboard packaging better.

My husband actually asked the ticket taker where he could get me a wheel chair at Legoland yesterday. The man pointed where and said for ten dollars we could get one.

Ten dollars!

Man, they even charge people who can't walk!

Friday, July 6, 2012

I Heart this Playroom!!!!

     Our new house has a detached bonus room which we intend to use as a play/craft room! I'm so excited to have the toys relegated to their own special abode. I came across this picture at
http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2012/04/playroom-progress-sweet-seating-part-1.html by Jen Jones. This design makes my heart go pitter patter! First of all, I dig any new and clever unintended use for a project. The seats pictured are Expedit bookcases from Ikea turned on their side. She covered them with foam and stapled indoor/outdoor fabric to them. I am so into the intense blue/green combo too, I think the birch stencil adds a whimsical and outdoor ambiance.
     This layout really opens up the area for play utilizing baskets beneath to collect whoozits and whatzits galore!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Found Love

     I promised in my May post that I would be expressing why I LOVE Newfoundland dogs. About four year ago I was at a local dog park (even though I didn't have a dog) because I just love dogs. I ran into a behemoth of a dog that looked like a bear roaming the city and had to ask the owner about it's breed. She explained that Newfoundlands are from Newfoundland, Canada and are gentle giants that are bred to water rescue. Just a few factoids: The dog in Peter Pan is a Newfie, a Newfie accompained Louis and Clark on their expedition (and was kidnapped by Native Americans as ransom-later to be returned), a Newfie rescued Napoleon Bonaparte when he was exciled to Elba (he played a key role in early U.S. history); additonally the Kennedy Clan have owned Newfoundlands for decades.

     I did tons of research and the more I learned about this amazing breed the more I knew I had to have one. My desire was solidified after I read this fiction-like (but indeed factual tale) of a boy and his Newfie in a book called In the Company of Newfoundlands. The story begins in California. The child had autism and connected deeply with the service Newfie at the Special Needs program he belonged to. The dog's owners then relocated to the East Coast. This devestated the child. One night the dog-seemingly spooked; ran out to the road and was struck by a vehicle and killed. The owners were stunned and tried to examine why the dog would do that; shortly after the phone rings. It's the mother of the boy on the west coast. She explains that her boy ran out into the street and was struck and killed by a vehicle! They determined that the accidents happened simultaneously. It seems that the Newfoundland's instinct was to rescue the little boy from 3,000 miles away! I sat reading this in a Whole Foods Cafe and had goosebumps all over and decided then I HAD to have a Newfie in my life.

     We just bought our first home and are moving soon. I contacted the Newfoundland Rescue of Southern California and was matched with "Brownie" a bronze (they are usually black or black with white) Newfoundland. I fell in love instantly. Her foster mom is holding her for us until we move.

    I had considered a puppy but am happy to avoid the "knawing" years. Her foster insists she go to a home with children. We look forward to opening our hearts and loving this beautiful creature. The picture is from yesterday-we went and met up with her at a park. A bystander asked jokingly if Brownie was a  "California Grizzly Bear". Not quite, but her "bear hugs" are like no other. I can't wait until she is home.