Monday, September 17, 2012

Take This Style Quiz!

I'm Bohemian Classic according to the Home Goods Quiz I took today online at Home Goods is one my favorite stores! I can go to Anthropologie (my happy store) for inspiration then go to Home Goods across the street for actual purchases!

Bohemian Classic is an accurate description of me. I love blending modern and vintage style aka "Modage", some also say Modern Eclectic.

In the photo above the counter top is right up my alley in a timeless bright white solid stone surface, the unexpected chandelier is dramatically glam in color, and traditional in design; the sky-blue cabinets take commitment but are inviting. Lastly, the professional appliances say "I'm moonlighting as a Top Chef!"

Take the quiz and tell me your style!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

Another favorite thing I came across....

       After our summer hiatus, we started up with our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group yesterday. This year I am part of the leadership team that will assist in planning and executing our monthly meetings.
      To kick off our first meeting I presented a feature called "My  Five Favorite Things".  After presenting I realized it's like grown-up show-and-tell; which transported me to elementary school when I got to bring something special from home!

 1. Spencer Bento Lunch boxes: I picked up a couple of these adorable containers at Pottery Barn Kids. I love them because they minimize baggage waste and speed up morning assembly for me. Another tip is to keep a bin in your fridge and/or pantry to hold your kid's lunch prep items, so everything is all in one place!

Here's a link:

Above are adorable, authentic bento box options at, I know they are ornate but they make me so happy!

2. Dreyers Slow-Churned 1/2 Fat Ice cream: It's yummy, 100 cal a serving, and has ingredients my kids could spell!

3. Vitamin D Capsules: Pierce a few with your teeth and squeeze into your kid's juice, this helps ward of colds- use when one is brewing or you have been exposed to germ-bots!

4. A giant bottle of Rubbing Alcohol: I decant into a little travel bottle and douse all of our toothbrushes with it-rinsing well before each use. I have seen a reduction in colds since I started doing this a year ago.

5. Beets are Beautiful: I dice one beet into little triangular pieces and freeze, next I pop one into the microwave for about 8 seconds on a napkin. Then I rub the beet on my lips and cheeks. Beets can stain so try and use the napkin to keep hands clean. You can use a wet cotton ball to blend cheeks evenly. (If you mess up use some baking soda to rub off)

You can experiment with application, I like to use this as a base and apply my blush and lip gloss as well. As the day goes on I have a base color left.  Using beets as make-up is inexpensive and hypoallergenic!

One of my favorite things is to share tips, tell me what's working for you lately....