Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Finally Happened!

      One day in the beginning of the school year last fall I was less than two minutes late picking up Tia from school. You should have seen the look on her face! I felt so bad. Her brother held me up at home; so since then I leave my home extra early so I am never late. In addition, she gets out of school an hour early on Tuesdays. Remarkably, I have never forgotten to get her. Until yesterday!
See what happened was.....:) Well we have had two weeks off recently and before that she was in an art class that kept her in school until regular time on Tuesdays, therefore I was out of the habit of getting her early on this day.
     I got a call from her friend's mom letting me know she was standing next to Tia.  I was mortified and rushed over. I hoped this would never happen. Thank God we have such great families at her school! Later, I debriefed Supermom and she told me Tia said, "My mom is never late"! (So Tia was genuinely worried) The good thing is when I was ironically two minutes late getting her today she didn't even care! Neurosis cured. Check.
     Here comes the cherry on top... Today I forgot to bring her snack and lunch! So I decided to spring her from school and take her out to grab a snack (that's the pix above). She was so curious what we were celebrating:). I just told her the truth. The sooner she knows I am (sometimes, not really, sorta, I don't really wanna fully say it) like my mother the better!

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