Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LegNO Land!


         Most people love going to theme parks. I'm not one of them! I think it all started when my jokster Uncle lied to me about the ride that I was buckled into and told me it was just " a ride that shows you around the park". Lies! I was horrified after my unexpected ride on a roller coaster and banned them for about a decade from my life. I eventually succumbed and realized they really bang you up. I have surmised that a day spent at Burke Williams Spa is a day better spent!

     Now, I try to be a "good" mom and traipse around these money-grubbing establishments for the sake of my kids. I have decided that I have paid my dues and that my husband can join another dad on any future theme park adventures.  Here are a couple reasons why I strongly dislike theme parks:

1. Being money gouged from every angle
2. The day spent mostly waiting
3. The short, mediocre ride after the mostly waiting
4. The myriad of unhealthy families I see
5. My aching calves from mostly waiting

    I know, I know the memories. Honestly, I think the memories I have from doing simple things like  having a family dinner where after we put on costumes and masks made out of a random cardboard packaging better.

My husband actually asked the ticket taker where he could get me a wheel chair at Legoland yesterday. The man pointed where and said for ten dollars we could get one.

Ten dollars!

Man, they even charge people who can't walk!

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