Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doctors and Drama

Yesterday we had our annual pediatric check-up in anticipation of the new school year. Here's the deal:  I have one child who loves going to the doctor and one who hates going to the doctor. There is an adorable show called Doc McStuffins, it's based on a African American preschool girl who is a M.D. for toys and stuff animals- I have been using this show to explain the procedures that Ethan will experience when he goes.

We started off well when he wanted to go stand against the wall and get measured after his sister did. Then he was asked to step on the scale. Not happening. He said "I'm scared"! I explained that just like last year when we came they did nothing to hurt either of them and he would also be fine now. Not budging. We moved on to Tia and completed her work-up. Before we got to him we went to the potty and took the urine collection cups with us.

I always have the kids potty before we leave anywhere. I didn't think about taking a sample so Tia couldn't go which was fine. Then came Mr. E.J.. God help me! Let's just say I hope urine has some beneficial properties for your face and hair, somehow things went horribly wrong and I was covered in a yellow shower. It even got in my mouth!!!! I was beyond perturbed. Mix that with the current heat wave and I was literally howling in the bathroom.

I collected me self  (no pun intended) and headed back for his turn. Of course he still wasn't having it. I had to pull out the only thing I knew might work... the "if you let her examine you I will take you to Toys R' Us and let you pick out a toy card"! It worked! He proceeded to let her look in his mouth and take his blood pressure. Aside from the collection catastrophe it was a success.

Off to bribery land we went (I did find wipies) and he found an overpriced "Super Mario" plush toy. I felt Tia should get something too- "Why should she not be rewarded for her good behavior?" School starts on Tuesday and I think I am more excited that any Mom I know and I don't feel one bit guilty!
Ethan said, "Can you hurry and take the picture? This hurts a little!"

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