Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Kicks

     Greetings to my devoted readers! I am so grateful to you. I see in my Stats that some of you are viewing this blog all the way in Bangladesh. I can't express how happy this makes me! On a side note, some have commented that my daughter looks like she is from there or Sri Lanka. FYI, my children are Belizian, Panamanian and Filipino-I know cute huh?!

     If you are a regular here, you may have noticed that my last blog entry was a repost with slight alterations. I will now be linking up with Reality Check, they are segment of a Pregnancy Clinic I have volunteered with for ages. I started speaking with Reality Check almost a decade ago. As a teen; I had a vision that I would be talking to teens as an adult about sexual integrity (sounds better than abstinence right?). I wasn't sure how that would manifest. I called the Center to ask about volunteering more regularly, the woman who answered asked me "what do you see yourself doing?". When I answered she said "we are starting a program just like that!" Enter Reality Check. The lady on the phone is now one of my best friends-God is good! The linked posts are inspirational topics for teens and parent, you can view them here:
      I hope your Christmas was lovely. I saw on Pinterest (the new love of my life-seriously, I mean it, I love it) how you can put uncooked cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker and make basically "cinnawaffles". They are so good! And easy! We are on a major kick right now and have had them every morning since Christmas. BTW use the accompanying icing instead of syrup. Wear an oven mit when you open the waffle maker (I got my machine from CVS for $10) because the steam that escapes is hot!

     Did you indulge in any new yumminess this season??? Or some different volunteer work???

     I wish you all a rejuvenated New Year! We need it right?!


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