Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black and White is Beautiful

All my life (inside joke related to The Color Purple)-I'll I've ever wanted was a beautiful, dainty apron. This weekend; as we perused the antique stores in Old Towne Orange (Orange County) I looked for the perfect marriage of "Mad Men" sweetness and modern charm. I was overjoyed when I saw a store completely devoted to beauties of its kind called "Heavenly Hostess" ( all the tags have scripture) no less! As history has shown, my brown eyes are always attracted to the highest price points. These gorgeous price-gougers were $80!

I walked away with my head hung low; saddened by my misfortune. Wouldn't you know there was a place around the corner called Blessings. They had a similar product for a lucky $21 dollars. I batted my eyelashes and my DH opened his wallet. I LOVE this store. Turns out they were featured on Extreme Home Makeover. They blend eclecticism and whimsy magnificently. I'm all ready for the holidays now! All I need is my pink Kitchen Aid mixer. Pretty Please.........

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