Monday, November 8, 2010

The Arrangement is Over!

When we got engaged ten years ago we had an agreement that Patrick would do the cooking in our household. I hated to cook. I viewed cooking as a chore to be delegated to the more willing participant. About 4 years ago when we got cable I fell in love with the Food Network; particularly Giada De Laurentiis on Everyday Italian and now Giada at Home. The food looked beautiful and enticing through the screen. I would put Tia down for her nap and then sit and eat my lunch while watching her bring ingredients to life. I tried a few recipes and was shocked that I could make delicious, edible food.
The creative side of cooking sealed the deal for me! Presentation is such a key part of my personality and as my mentor would say "you eat with your eyes first". I love to eat, and now I love to cook as much as I love to eat. Dangerous? No. I have a healthy outlook on food. I see ingredients as smaller parts of a grand masterpiece of art.
My husband and family love when I cook for them and have an affinity for "home-made" fare.  I thought cooking like that often was spoiling them but the gratification I get from presenting them my love on a saucer is so rewarding.  What was on the menu tonight? Sage and butter roasted chicken, potatoes and mushrooms. The bonus- mini cinnamon sugar cupcakes!

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