Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tree, Myself and I

Tia did most of the decorating!

     For the first time ever we put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving!  This season seems to be breezing past  us;so I wanted to get a head start so we could savor the season longer. Tia has been haranguing us for weeks to put it up, I figured Thursday would be ideal since Patrick is busy with Bohol in the Wall on Friday and Saturday. This week was full of cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a whole slew of dishes. The staples are a beautiful turkey, mac and cheese, and sweet potato casserole! A new addition I brought was a Sage and Honey Dijon potatoes au gratin- delish! We karaoked for four hours after the big meal until we were hoarse; I had a lovely evening.The chocolate countdown until Christmas will begin soon. I received most of my wish list for my birthday this month, so my list is short. New kitchen and bathroom flooring, let's hope hubby doesn't leave me hanging.

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