Monday, December 13, 2010

All You Need Is...

Last night we were on our way to eat at my dear friend Emily's house. I had just rushed home to pick up my family because I was coming from another get-together. No one was ready to go, and I knew there was traffic; so I was trying to get them going so we wouldn't be late. Tia bypassed our S.U.V and ran over to the front lawn that is blanketed in leaves. I urged her to get in the car when I realized how lovely the image of her throwing leaves in the air was. I told her to get back out of the car so I could take a picture.

The get-together I had earlier was my aunt's idea to get old family friends together "just because"- instead of waiting for a pivotal event. This "leaf" moment  personified this concept. Stop and savor the people you love right now. Don't wait! My other aunt always says, "if you fall off the truck someone else will be on your route in the morning." Most of our must do's are not deal breakers; and even if they are, they truly aren't because L-O-V-E- is all we need and want. This season is about the ultimate gift of love isn't it? Now that's what the holidays mean to me.

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