Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enough is Enough!

This picture features my field trip with five youngin's, namely my kids and cousins. The art installation is so L.A.; it's a tower of shopping carts adorned with ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree. I had a "to go" list of places I wanted to visit during the kid's winter break. Books and Cookies was our destination, it's a sweet bookstore and bakery in Santa Monica designed for children. The owner is Chudney Ross, daughter of THE Ms. Ross. It was lovely. The kids all enjoyed themselves tucked away in little nooks and later picked out their choice of cookie.

Toting a large group of children always reminds me how content I am with my Tour de Four ( I just made that up). Just crossing the street was a strategic endeavor in safety. I felt like a Mommy Rockstar. People thought "Wow, I can't believe she can handle all these little people with such ease". "Pff", that's because I'm returning three to sender!" Even Chudney thought they were all mine. She mentioned at one time she wanted five kids (she is one of five); I said "Look at me, no biggie, j/k". She was relieved.

Just yesterday I had four kids under four. I know, I'm nuts. I explained to their mother after, our trip was like dog sitting-fun, thanks to its brevity. This adventure was not so glamorous. With kids this young, I was repeatedly keeping them from taking a swim in the fountain while another one puts pennies in his mouth!

My plate is full enough with the little ones I do have and that's the way I like it. However, if you wanna feel like you too are a Piece-of-Cake Parent give all the kids the low-down before you venture out. I have them all recite the "rules of road". I love it when they make up some. My favorite is "No touching anyone's belly button"!-Ethan Concon-of course.

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