Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why So Sappy?

       Every year around this time I start to get very misty eyed. No, it's not the beginning of spring allergies; it's the advent of my precious daughter's next birthday. Normally, I can be heard saying to others she is this many years-and a half; or she will be this age in March-rounding up to the nearest age. Not this time. Lately, I am constantly holding back and asserting that she is six-plain and simple. Subconsciously, it could be linked to the fact that I will be thirty this year and am holding on to every second of my twenties too!
      Back to my Sugar Fairy. Before I got out the car to pick her up from school yesterday I found my self in full blown tears! Etta James's At Last was playing and I visualized a photo montage of my sweet Tatianna. Oh how I wanted her so. I decided when I walked on campus I was gonna really let her know how much she means to me.
       After I wiped my tears and donned my sunglasses, I realized my darling girl is pretty much perfection. Seven is a special number, I'm gonna soak this one up.

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  1. Hi Corrita I am so excited to find your blog! What a sweet little princess she is :) I love those moments when you just know how very blessed you are.