Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Know What I'm Getting for Mother's Day

     My husband and I met when I was fourteen so I have had many years of gift giving. My love language is gifts; so his glorious gift-giving choices helped real me into marrying him. Flash forward 15 years later and some of that magical power has waned. He not only has to be concerned with himself and his "girl" now he has to support our family and our household. That is a huge gift on its own!
     With our current focus on meeting each other's love language needs (this is based on a book called "The Five Love Languages"- my husband's language is words); I have been proactive in helping my mate by emailing him links of gift suggestions for Mother's Day with prices and locations.
     One recent wish list item was a pair of Sunglass Hut Ray Ban Aviators-classic and much needed. I also picked out a purse and two rings from the Coach Store. I only expect one thing from this wish list fyi. Coach is having a pre-sale where preferred customers get 25% off and can buy before the general public, so I let Patrick know about this opportunity.
     Yesterday I got a call from Coach because my husband was trying to buy the Ray Bans from Coach and my personal shopper was confused. I just had to laugh! By choosing a selection of potential items and forwarding them to Patrick  I figured at least I could be surprised as to what he ended up choosing.
      I decide to spare him the anxiety of "getting it right" and just be explicit. So this is what I asked for....

     This little sweetheart is a Newfoundland puppy-my dream dog. I have had my heart set on one for years now. I will tell you more about why I LOVE this breed in another post. My request was a deposit for this love muffin to hold my spot for an upcoming litter (I'll explain why I am going this route as well). Can't wait to get my arms around this beauty!
     What are you hoping for or giving for Mother's Day???


  1. LOL that is to funny about Patrick! How fun to get a puppy, that is a great gift!

  2. Yes I can't wait! The hold up is that my hubs says we had to be in a house first before getting a dog. We are actively trying to purchase a home so now I can lock it down!