Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mommy on a Mission

   We are privileged to be minutes away from gorgeous beaches. Actually, our favorite beach was voted safest in the world! In lovely weather we go there often. Once we get our "camp" set up and my children are occupied with play; I alert my husband of my plans and sneak out on my covert mission. If you asked a friend or family member what dessert do they associate me with- it would be hands down- a cupcake. There is a reason why my blog is called Piece-of-Cake Parent! I consider myself a Cupcake Connoisseur. If I see a shop, I must stop!

     I love strolling down the beach's Main Street toward my cupcakery. You know, the sun shining, the ocean air smell, I just feel like a woman with not a care in the world for 30 min. When I arrived at my usual stop, they were out of what I had a penchant for! Boo! I decided to drop in on another bakery nearby and see what their offerings were. I found a comparable cupcake and was ready to pay when I saw "THEM". These adorable sugar cookies that had cartoons printed on them. I got Tia "The Lorax" one with the adorable orange face and I had to get the last"Angry Bird" cookie for my 4 year-old angry bird for little man.

      I made my way back to shore and surprised my kidlets with my finds. They were in awe! All was perfection until my son's cookie took a dive in to the sand! My "helpful" husband doused it with water to clean it off. The cries grew! This time I took my little guy back with me so his tear/sand stained face would convince the bakers to replace it. They did of course and he ended up with a Spider Man one instead. Smiling to myself I embraced the moment and held my little guy and watched as he quietly enjoyed his much-desired replacement .

      Going forward I will keep my covert missions secret. But honestly I can't resist the urge to say "close your eyes and open your hands" when I know they are gonna just "eat it up"!


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