Friday, October 5, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Patrick and Tatianna just attended a Daddy-Daughter dance. It was a 50's theme and utterly adorable. Of course I had to do a drop-in and see all the festivities! Outside were vintage cars parked with blankets in front for photo ops. Within the foyer was a makeshift ice cream parlor on one side and an art gallery with nostalgic images on the other. Inside was a dance floor with balloons and more styled decor- and most fun, there was a disco ball amping up the energetic dance songs.

They had a phenomenal evening! The daddies brought picnic lunches and the daughters got to feel like princesses. Many girls were outfit with corsages. Patrick surprised Tia with the pink glittered beret she is donning in the above photo- she has been eyeing it for months!

I was so grateful our church hosted this event I have been wanting a special day for the two of them for a while; this was aptly timed. Later, my handsome husband told me how special the night was and that during the last dance "Butterfly Kisses" he started to tear up thinking about the day when he would be twirling the grown-up version of his precious baby girl!

On one of my recent beach town strolls I came across a piece of subway art that read "First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything". I know! So sweet huh?  Sums up how I feel about my family. I want to find a way to incorporate this wording in our new home- maybe in the kid's bedroom.


  1. So Cute! Dad's have such a powerful impact on their daughter's life. Glad to hear that they enjoyed this special time together!

    1. I'm so pleased they had the opportunity! It will be an annual celebration so I will surely spread the word and extend an invite to all!