Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seven-year-old Sage

First Day of 2nd grade

The last post described Tia and her Dad at their Father-Daughter Dance. I found this awesome deal on some silver dress shoes at Marshalls for $7 a few months ago, I reserved them for the holidays for her to wear. When the dance came up; I had her wear them to go with her fancy ensemble, knowing not much harm could befall them indoors.

The next day was church and she wanted to wear them again. I told her "No, they are just for special occasions". She told me well "Isn't church a special occasion". That was one of those sobering replies that I forgive my children for "talking back". It was such a sweet notion. It made me really happy and proud to see her love of Jesus realized in her everyday life.

Sunday is the Lord's day and she knows that and "why shouldn't she wear her best shoes?"
That is why God have us children, they refine us into better versions of ourselves-that and a glass of white wine doesn't help either!

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