Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"The Big '3-O' !"

I look a little velociraptorish!

I can remember being at my parent's friend's house on the eve of my dad's 30th  birthday and hearing him say "tomorrow is "the Big '3'-'O' "; here I am now 30 years old as well. I'm so grateful for my Mom and Dad  for giving me the core values that have shaped me into my "mature" self :).

My sister reminded me yesterday that I have accomplished "a lot at 30." When she started listing things I thought "hmm, that does sound impressive".  For months she has asked me "how I was feeling"! Like I had just received a death sentence. I had to remind her that I have been a "grown-up" for a long time- so nothing much changed for me on November 6, 2012.

On that note, I took Ethan and Tatianna with me to vote after school. It is so important for me to have them experience the privilege of casting one's vote.The year I turned 18 I was so thrilled to have made the cut-off the night before the election. I hopped into the polling place with my new engagement ring and was so excited to vote!

One meaningful birthday highlight was that I received this fun, chunky, "statement" ring from my sweet friend who hand delivered my gift yesterday. I told Patrick I wanted one months ago and he was like "that it not my territory", so I let it go. When I opened her gift, I looked to the heavens and praised God for such a wealth of friendships. I knew she was "led" to buy that. I never mentioned it to her but it is EXACTLY what I would have bought myself. It matched my birthday dress perfectly!

I must confess. I wrote "This day will probably su**"  (the astricks were so my kids wouldn't know what it said) on my calendar for Nov 6. . I wanted to have low expectations so I couldn't be disappointed if things weren't ideal. I think it worked! ;). I had a truly beautiful day with my loving family and friends. Breakfast at Urth Caffe with my sister, Voting with my kids, High Tea at the SLS hotel with by dear friend, Rock Sugar with my soul mate; then cupcakes with my parents, brothers and kids. I fell asleep like a happy baby...

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday!! HAppy 30th, it's a great age:)