Saturday, November 17, 2012

DC Delightfulness!

A little blurry, I know...                     

Television can get such a bad rap in some groups. I have learned SO much from watching T.V.
I used to be the kind of cook that gave my mom and I salmonella poisoning when I made eggnog as a teenager. I was certain I was a lost cause and my soon-to-be husband knew I would be doing no food prep in our marriage.Then came cable. HHHaaaaallllleeeeelllluuuujjjjjahhhhhhhhh! I discovered Giada on the the
Food Network and learned to cook from watching her show Everyday Italian!

One of my favorite food shows is DC Cupcakes on TLC. I LOVE cupcakes! The show centers on sisters Katherine and Sophie who left their satisfying corporate jobs and started a bakery showcasing their maternal grandmother's recipes. They have been a roaring success from Day 1.. Today they opened a location in Los Angeles- we had to be there!

My daughter and cousins landed on Robertson and 3rd about two hours before opening. The film crew was there too- we are so glad we got there early because that element slows the line down. Katherine and Sophie were SO sweet and warm! My daughter was wearing a cupcake motif skirt, the sisters loved it so much they wanted a photo with my daughter. Katherine noticed that Tia needed a straw and went and got one and put it in her cup. They explain that they want all their guests to feel like they are in their home and they really do! We kept chatting them up (pregnant Katherine was wearing one of those robot babies in a carrier) while they signed their latest book for me.
I collect signed cookbooks and have them addressed to Tia and I

They are Extremely close to their mom-who they and everyone calls "Mommy". She is the breakout star of the show and I had her sign my book too. We had the best morning, oh, did I mention the cupcakes taste AAAAmmmmaZing! So delightful. I'm excited that Tatianna and I will have the same closeness that the sisters and Mommy have too! I'll be whipping up some of their recipes with my new Kitchen Aid Mixer (I have been wanting one for years)!

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