Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy Sushi!

Nom, nom, good!

My family loves Sushi! We don't count Mr E.J. (pronounced "Eej", that nickname was inspired by the pout of Ebenezer "Scrooge", as in Mr. Scrooge) our five year old son! He doesn't eat much of anything. Last year, I created a simple way of making sushi without all the rolling.

We use raw Atlantic Salmon as our fish. I buy only sushi grade at Whole Foods Market. I plan for 1/4 pound per person-which comes to a reasonable amount of about $12 total. I have the fish monger dice the salmon for me. Before I serve it I pour low-sodium Soy Sauce over the fish as an added germ killer. I buy pickled ginger for about $1.75 at the sushi section there and they provide free wasabi,Teriyaki and Soy sauce. We like to use brown rice (I buy this cooked at the sushi counter or make this depending on time and if we are eating there)and just throw the fish, ginger, avocado and teriyaki all in a bowl. Done.

This day we bought Seaweed wrappers to make hand rolls (sans the bowl). I picked up a Persian cucumber to add something to my sister's roll because she doesn't eat meat or fish. You can store the soy sauce covered fish for up to one day in the fridge, it's freshest and safest the day of.
This is a delicious and inexpensive way to enjoy what can be a luxurious meal!

I'd love to learn your  Piece of Cake adaptations for recipes? Please Leave your creative ideas in the comments below.

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