Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our family has some Big News!

I mentioned in my recent post Selah Yoga Retreat Part 1 that my yoga practice came at a time when I was definitely seeking stress reduction. My husband's company was undergoing many transitions and the effects of this was infiltrating my home life. I remember crying one time out of happiness because I was so grateful for my free yoga class that was giving me a safe and peaceful place to rejuvenate my body.

Patrick and I prayed for "doors to be closed" as I he sought new employment. I wanted the next career move he made to be one that he would have longevity and personal fulfillment in. Boy did those doors close! I knew  something grand was on the horizon and "kept the faith". After five months of ambiguity, the right door flung open!

I'm happy to announce ( I didn't think I would ever say this 6 mo ago) that I am officially a military wife!!!!

Yes, my husband joined the Air Force National Guard last month! We are very excited. He will train this summer and will be eligible for a job right here in our home town. When I first met him 16 years ago he wanted to join with his cousin. I discouraged him because I didn't want to be a military spouse ( I'm an Army brat). I've come full circle and have fully embraced this (hence my swanky new cap pictured). This is going to be a great lifestyle for our family. He will not be deployed and his day job has great hours. The benefits are amazing in the Air Force, ie. bonuses for a second language, college degree and even paid marriage retreats.

Our family is so happy!

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